Best kitchen knives need not necessarily be from the best brand!

Choosing the best kitchen knives among the vast varieties available in the market is no easy task. When I wanted to buy knives, I knew that I needed dependable and trustworthy knives since I would use them almost daily. I also was looking for ease of handling, strength, and excellent endurance. When choosing the best kitchen knives, I was aware that fancy brands that would sell knives at high prices needed to be avoided, and that better quality knives were also available in lesser known brands.

I basically needed an utility knife with a 5-inch blade, a chef’s knife at 9 inches, and a paring knife with a 3-inch blade. Other than these, I also needed a bread knife, cleaver, filleting knife, and a carving knife. And to sharpen these knives occasionally, I would need a honer that could be run by electricity.


When I went looking for the knives, holding them in my grasp and feeling how comfortable they were was my primary consideration. I then started looking at the amount of steel in each knife and where the steel was located. The best kitchen knives would not have any welding or joining at their hilts, and would be in a single piece, preferably forged with hands. Also, the choppers needed to be light when it came to chopping with precision and speed, while heavyweight choppers would be needed for chopping things like nuts, ginger, onions etc. Best kitchen knives would be perfectly balanced, both at the handle and blade ends. This was essential since cutting would be a lot easier with a well-balanced knife.

Armed with all this knowledge, I bought my Wusthof knives set about two years ago. I have used the honer about four times at the most in the past two years to sharpen, especially the utility knife. I also take certain precautions like not using the knives on hard cutting surfaces like stone, ceramic, steel or glass. The knives have remained in mint condition, and as far as I am concerned, despite the brand being relatively unknown, they are indeed the best kitchen knives available in the market!


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