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Top Simple Things Every Computer User Should Know How to Do

No matter how tech savvy you are, there are certain things every one of us has to deal with when using a computer—and we don’t always deal with them in the most efficient ways. Here are 10 things that everyone can (and should) learn to keep their computer fast, safe, and easy to use.

10. Set Up a Simple Backup System

We all know we should back up our computers, but it’s always one of those things that you’ll set up “one day”. Setting up a backup only takes minutes to do, though, so you can do it right now and forget about it until you need it—and when you do need it, you’ll be glad you set it up. If you’re just backing up to an external drive, you can just use the simple tools built in to your computer, like Windows Backup or Apple’s Time Machine. However, that’ll only keep you safe if your computer fails. If you lose your home in a fire, get all your gear stolen, or experience any other kind of disaster (God forbid), you’ll have lost all those important documents, family photos, and other files forever. So, we recommend using a service like CrashPlan to back up your computer online. That way, it can back up no matter where you are, and that data will be safe no matter what happens to your hardware.

9. Do Everything Faster with Shortcuts

The great thing about computers is that they can do a lot of things much faster than a human. Say you’re looking for a specific word on a web page. Instead of scanning it yourself, all you need to do is press Ctrl+F and type the word you’re looking for. There are mountains of shortcut like this, from pressing Ctrl+S to instantly save the file you’re working on, Ctrl+P to print it out, or Ctrl+T to open a new tab in your web browser. It may seem like more trouble than its worth at first, but after you use a shortcut one or two times, you’ll wonder why you ever did anything with the mouse. Check out our list of six shortcuts everyone should know, as well as our shortcut of the day series for even more tricks.

8. Protect Yourself From Viruses

Windows users have long known the pain of viruses and other malware, but the good news is it’s pretty easy to avoid. First, we recommend learning the difference between viruses, trojans, and other kinds of attacks, as well as the myths surrounding them. Then, install some good antivirus software to protect yourself (Microsoft Security Essentials is our favorite—you won’t even know it’s there). You can even get antivirus for your Android phone, if you so choose. But in the end, the best way to avoid viruses is to use common sense: don’t open links that look suspicious, don’t install programs from untrusted sources, and if a window pops up saying your computer’s infected, make sure it’s actually your antivirus software saying that and not a fake web page.

7. Set Up Your Network (and Fix Wi-Fi Problems)

Understanding routers, modems, and the other things that make up your network can seem daunting, but there are a few basics that can fix most problems that come your way. Does your router constantly need resetting? Make sure it isn’t overheating or clogged with traffic. Is your Wi-Fi speed and range less than ideal? Use one of these tricks to give it a boost. If you experience more serious problems, you can probably fix them yourself too. Check out our complete guide to knowing your network for more info—it’s got everything you need to know, from buying a router to setting up your network and more.

6. Keep Your Batteries Lasting as Long as Possible

Running out of battery on your phone or laptop can be pretty frustrating, but luckily, you can do a lot of things to keep it lasting longer. Your laptop has a lot of built-in power settings that can come in really handy, and there are a few tricks on both Android and the iPhone that will eke some extra time out of your battery. And, if you want your battery to retain that life, make sure you know how often to charge it to keep it alive in the years ahead.

5. Access Your Home Computer From Anywhere

Ever go out with your laptop and realize you left something important on your computer at home? One way to solve this problem is to use a service like Dropbox, so your files are with you everywhere you go. However, it’s also handy to know how to use your home computer from anywhere. With a simple app, you can log into your home computer from another machine and use it as if you were sitting right at your desk—whether you just need to grab a quick file or access a program you don’t have elsewhere.

4. Keep Your Computer in Tip Top Shape with Regular Maintenance

Computer maintenance has gotten really confusing over the years. Between defragging, cleaning up temporary files, and other tasks, it’s almost like trying to maintain a car. Luckily, it’s gotten a lot easier in recent years: you only really need to do one or two things to keep your computer running fast and smooth. Check out our guides to Windows maintenance and Mac maintenance for more info and keep your PC running like new. And if your phone’s feeling a little sluggish, we have guides for iOS and Android, too.

3. Instantly Share a File Between Two Computers

So you’ve got some files you want to give to your friend sitting next to you, but your flash drive has mysteriously gone missing. Well guess what? You don’t need it! It’s very easy to transfer a file between two computers over your wireless (or wired) network, whether it’s between you and a friend or between multiple computers you own. Here are our favorite ways to share files with a nearby computer, but if you want to share them between multiple computers in your house, Windows 7′s Homegroup feature is a great option. Of course, this is where the aforementioned Dropbox app can come in handy, too. And if you’re sharing larger files over the internet, there are great ways to do that too.

2. Easily Find Your Lost or Stolen Gadgets

You never know when you might misplace your phone, laptop, or other tech, so set up some safeguards now. iPhones have an easy-to-use feature called Find My iPhone that’ll help you track it if it goes missing, but we’re big fans of an app called Prey. With it, you can track nearly any laptop or smartphone that’s gone missing, and even get a photo of who might be using it. If you’re missing a camera, the CameraTrace service can help you find it, too. Of course, the best solution is making sure it doesn’t get stolen in the first place, and making sure all your personal data is locked down.

1. Keep Your Personal Information Safe and Secure

Unfortunately, the internet isn’t always a safe place, which means everyone needs to make sure they’re keeping their personal information safe. Make sure you use strong passwords, remove personal information from photos and other files, and never use open public Wi-Fi networks without protection. Keeping your personal information safe is easier than it sounds, and if you aren’t sure what to do, check out our checklist for staying safe online. You’d be surprised how unsafe you were being before.

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A Guideline for Buying a Food Processor

A food processor is an incredibly helpful tool in the kitchen. It is a jack of all trades that can shred, slice, chop and at times it is used in heavier tasks like making mayonnaise and kneading dough. A food processor helps to save your time and it makes normally boring jobs exciting. Buying the best cheap food processor can be a very difficult task because there are many factors to consider. The choices you make largely affect the effectiveness of the food processor and how long it lasts. A food processor should be easy to put together and the attachments should perform the best tasks. The best cheap food processor should be able to chop ingredients that are dry like bread crumbs and nuts. It should have a pulsing action that is easy to use and the motor should start and stop on a turn.

food processor

The best cheap food processor should also be able to make a simple vegetable puree for example rustic soups, dips, and marinade. The blade design, power, capacity and the bowl shape affect how well a food processor can accomplish its tasks. A food processor should not leak. The best cheap food processor should be able to grind fresh meat. A powerful motor and a sharp blade are necessary because at times it is tough to chop meat. When making sauces like tight vinaigrette or mayonnaise, the food processor should form an emulsion very easily. A buyer should also remember that the design of the bowl can affect the way the blades come into contact with the liquids inside. The best cheap food processor should knead bread dough efficiently and quickly. Making dough is a difficult task and it mainly depends on the power of the motor. Make an informed decision by buying the best cheap food processor in the market.

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Going Through The Best Toaster Reviews


I ordered 6 toasters just a couple of hours ago, and thereafter, I have been going through this list of top toaster reviews. I am shocked that one of the brands that I ordered has negative reviews. I am left to wonder whether I should be canceling the order or continuing with the purchase. You see, I ordered them for my nieces and my daughter. I wanted to give them as gifts this Christmas.

When I think of a toaster as the best toaster, I look for dimensions, ease in cleaning, multiple usage, and lower consumption. I cannot deny that the toasters I ordered were on some of the other best toasters lists. In fact, that is how I came to know of their features. Most were silent about the width of slices that can go in, but that didn’t seem to be an issue because I was also ordering another toaster for them. I am now concerned about the electrical aspect of the toasters. I definitely would not like our girls to get scalded if the toaster gets too hot.

But then, which list of best toaster 2016 or best toaster 2014 would you rely upon? Sometimes bad remarks are noticed by one site, and not noticed by another site. But come to think of it, I might still have gone ahead and ordered those toasters because I liked their versatile usage.

Or perhaps I would have opted for Breville BTA 830XL, which this review is recommending. I was, after all, prepared to spend more. Oster TSSTTRJBP1 also seems interesting enough because it offers more settings in browning those toasts. It also has the retro look with perfect shade of purple that I love. I am kind of bored with the stainless steel exteriors though I did order three of Kenwood’s Metallics TTM124. Kenwood deserves a special mention from me, because my first few toasters were not satisfactory. When I came across a Kenwood model, I was skeptical about it too, but it served me for more than 15 years and continues to be as good as it was when I bought it. It is, therefore, not surprising that this new model of stylish Kenwood toaster figures in more than one list of best toaster 2016.

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Top 4 Most Best Air Mattresses To Buy


An air mattress is no longer a luxury, but a necessity for anyone longing for quality sleep. If you are budgeting on one, we are here to help you in your quest to finding a reliable air mattress, by the virtue of reviewing a variety of best air mattresses on the market today. If you are not conversant with how to select the best air mattress, here are a couple of the air mattresses which we have reviewed and which represent the good air mattress to buy for camping today.

1) Intex Raised Downy

If you are searching for an air bed mattress that can never be affected by humidity, location or temperature, then there is no doubt that this is the best air mattress for you. With its easy to use AVC-pump you can inflate or deflate it to your desired firmness. It comes with a dual-chamber construction that keeps it firm for several days even after been inflated once. Its lower chamber can function as a box spring, hence providing extra support and firmness.

2) Deluxe Pure Comfort

The superb air mattress features a battery-powered air pump. It comes in a deluxe storage/ travel bag and a repair kit. It is a great choice for indoor use, since it offers customizable firmness and it can be adjusted to fit in nearly all beds. It also features a lush suede top that is designed for added comfort.

3) Smart AirBed Raised Ultra

The air mattress features a rechargeable pump, a patch kit and carry/ storage bag. It is a great choice for outdoor use, since it comes with support beams and a polyester-laminated finish that is suitable for making this air mattress more durable and hence 100% perfect for outdoor use. It comes with a 2-year warranty.

4) Intex Fabric

The inflatable mattress is perfect for camping trips. It features a laminated vinyl material that is designed for purposes of withstanding excess weight. It prides itself for coming with a unique weave beam construction that is designed to provide extra support and uniform surface.

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I dont read cookware reviews nowadays


I mean, why should I? Cookware has nothing electrical or electronic for me to know others opinion on it. I have cooked for long enough to know what I want in my cookware, and what I don’t want in it. The top cookware set reviews are often way too detailed. I don’t need that. What I want is in simple words, is it worth buying, and if not, why not? I don’t want to know why it is worth buying. I can figure that out myself.

My husband, my daughter, and my sister-in-law on the other hand, sit before the television set, and keep surfing on different devices, looking at different things. This country’s industries should thank me for letting them do that. These surfing addicts usually look for clothes, jewelry, and electronic goods. At times though, they look for things that I consider as my domain. Cookware, fortunately, or unfortunately, comes under my domain.

To be honest, I have always found cookware fascinating. Whenever we go to any mall, my husband goes to buy shoes, clothes, or accessories, whereas I go to the floor where they have cookware. Many of the guests arriving at our place give me cookware as gifts because they know I appreciate such gifts. However, I hardly use their gifts. Instead, I have given most of them to my daughter. Now it is my daughter who is looking at those cookware reviews today. She wants to buy me something around fall. I wish she’d consult me instead. Why is it that I always end up with what others thrust on me, rather than buy what I want? Whenever I want to buy something, I tend to hold back thinking this is not in my budget or I have already received one from somebody. I wish they would let me select what I want.

As of now, there is some stone cookware that I would love to own. I also fancy the glass cookware that is used in ovens, though I am not sure it would be something I would ever use. Pyrex cookware is now available at much cheaper rates than it was in the past. It is also lighter. The designs have also become smoother. My sister in law has some old Pyrex cookware. The print on it stands out. We can feel its roughness when we wash those dishes. Yes, I would love the Pyrex now. And stone cookware too. The stone cookware looks so elegant because the color is brownish. I watch those cooking programs in which Sri Lankans cook in earthen pots. I wish I could cook rice like that, and check how it would taste. I don’t think such cookware is available online. But I did see a few in the store the last time we went for shopping.

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Best kitchen knives need not necessarily be from the best brand!

Choosing the best kitchen knives among the vast varieties available in the market is no easy task. When I wanted to buy knives, I knew that I needed dependable and trustworthy knives since I would use them almost daily. I also was looking for ease of handling, strength, and excellent endurance. When choosing the best kitchen knives, I was aware that fancy brands that would sell knives at high prices needed to be avoided, and that better quality knives were also available in lesser known brands.

I basically needed an utility knife with a 5-inch blade, a chef’s knife at 9 inches, and a paring knife with a 3-inch blade. Other than these, I also needed a bread knife, cleaver, filleting knife, and a carving knife. And to sharpen these knives occasionally, I would need a honer that could be run by electricity.


When I went looking for the knives, holding them in my grasp and feeling how comfortable they were was my primary consideration. I then started looking at the amount of steel in each knife and where the steel was located. The best kitchen knives would not have any welding or joining at their hilts, and would be in a single piece, preferably forged with hands. Also, the choppers needed to be light when it came to chopping with precision and speed, while heavyweight choppers would be needed for chopping things like nuts, ginger, onions etc. Best kitchen knives would be perfectly balanced, both at the handle and blade ends. This was essential since cutting would be a lot easier with a well-balanced knife.

Armed with all this knowledge, I bought my Wusthof knives set about two years ago. I have used the honer about four times at the most in the past two years to sharpen, especially the utility knife. I also take certain precautions like not using the knives on hard cutting surfaces like stone, ceramic, steel or glass. The knives have remained in mint condition, and as far as I am concerned, despite the brand being relatively unknown, they are indeed the best kitchen knives available in the market!


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Why Large Families Need Small Bread Makers

loafUsually, small bread maker is considered as the right gift for smaller families. But in our case we are glad that a close family friend chose to give us this bread maker a couple of years ago. Actually, we have two bread makers. The larger one is not exactly large enough for our family. It is a medium size bread maker. We are 10 members and on some weekends, we can almost be 30 and even more. Breadmakers of various brands do not have the size for our family.

I would not know how to accommodate a still larger bread maker in my small kitchen, because the kitchen counter top is simply too small. I have found a way around my problem though. The action in our home begins with these two bread makers. The two bread makers start their job even before the tea kettle goes on the stove. I am able to vary crusts as per preferences of my family members. My younger son likes dark brown crust and my husband too prefers it that way. I am also able to make gluten free bread for my youngest daughter. Had I opted for a large bread maker, it would have been difficult for me to manage such preferences and needs.

More about gluten free diet.

Now for the storing part! I stack the smaller bread maker or the large one after I take out the bread from both. Believe me, the size, weight, and shape is perfect for that and this spares my kitchen counter top for other work. I would also not know what to do with this medium size bread bread maker if I bought a really large bread maker. This medium size bread maker was also a gift from my mother-in-law on our seventh marriage anniversary. Back then, our family was smaller and children were young too. My children will soon be leaving for college, and that means I could go back to my medium size bread maker, and spare my small bread maker to one of my daughters.

My mother-in-law jokingly mentioned that I am slim because I do not have excess bread remaining at the end of the day. Come to think of it, she is right. Most housewives like me tend to consume remaining bread simply because it would be wasted. Soon their appetite increases and so does the waist. Bread is, after all carbohydrate. I guess then I save on kitchen space, power bills, flour expenses, and my weight loss treatment cost thanks to this little bread maker.

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3 Major Benefits I Get from my Serviced Office Space


When I was starting my business one of the most important factors I had to consider is where to get a good office. I really need to get an office that will not add to a lot of cost to my business in terms of rent and that which would make the business have a great image in front of the customers. To get the best results, I opted to go for a serviced office space. This article offers you some of the major benefits I have realized by operating from a serviced office.

Simplicity and less stress

One of the major benefits I have received is that I do very little work, which makes me have a lot of time to focus on more important tasks in the business. This occurs because all the amenities such as furniture, phone online and internet connection are offered which means that my staff get to work immediately. There is also high level convenience because cleaning services and refreshment facilities are provided.

Convenience and flexibility

Unlike a conventional office, I get the benefit in that I am not tied into the particular location and office. If I need to make changes, I can do so without being restricted. I have the option to expand a contract to suit specific needs of my business without giving lengthy notice to the owners. This offers my business the flexibility I need because in the future I plan expend my business.

Professional image

Another major benefit I get is that my business looks more professional and has a great reputation among customers in the market. This is because the serviced office is organized in the right way, which makes it look better because the planning and organization is done by professionals. This has also made it possible to hold professional meetings and conferences in the office.


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